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Скачать Stand Back - Uriah Heep

Uriah Heep

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Исполнитель Uriah Heep

Альбом Different World

Год 1991

Прослушиваний 16052

Текст песни

(3:59)(Box/Lanzon)(Included on the cd version only.)
I see him coming
He's out to get you
He'll get us fooling your door

You've got a letter
From the sisters of mercy
They can't have you no more

Temptation, such sweet song
That burns inside
One rhythm, one power
One drain of blood left you dry

I see you there
Before the dancin' visions
So many stars in your eyes
You've got it all
But you ain't seen nothing
How can you be so blind

Stand back
Make way for the zodiac boy
Stand back
I'm gonna take you
To the other side
Stand back
Make way for the zodiac boy
Stand back
You've gotta listen to
The power of the future

It's so easy, it's a chain reaction
Every step of the way
There are places

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Uriah Heep — Stand Back

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